Basic/Priority Support

The support will assist in cases of unexpected behavior of one of our plugins.

Basic Support (included)

The basic support includes the clarification of problems, as far as this is possible via email and log files without remote support. There is a defined reaction time (2 working days). It includes the temporary assistance (development of workarounds, as far as this is possible without changes of the source code.

Priority Support (Extended)

With Priority Support, you receive problem-oriented support and benefit from fast processing, shorter response times and a high problem-solving rate. At affordable, predictable costs, Priority Support offers you scalable and flexible product support that meets your internal SLAs and increases user satisfaction. Priority Support includes, in addition to Basic Support, the clarification of questions regarding the use of the products, problems with the configuration in the customer\'s network and the clarification of operating errors, as far as this is possible via remote support. The support requests are processed with priority. Within a period of 2 working days the analysis starts with all available options (log info, telephone conference and remote support) to provide a workaround. The customer will be provided with BETA versions - if this contributes to the solution and is justifiable - and it will be ensured that no data loss occurs during implementation.