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PRTG – Oracle Monitoring

System Monitoring is always a big topic and above all you want a central solution that can handle all systems. Therefore, in cooperation with ITPS and the DB Plugin, we have created the possibility to create and manage PRTG sensors for Oracle database monitoring easily, quickly and flexibly. Our queries are Standard Edition compliant and do not require an extended Oracle license.

The following areas are covered with the Oracle Queries:

Tablespace monitoring
This is probably the most important monitoring section to recognize that the database is getting full and to be able to react to it in good time. Tablespaces are as individual as any database itself. That is why we have created different, flexible and parameterizable queries, which also take into account the possibility of automatic tablespace growth.

  • Monitoring without TEMP/UNDO tablespace on MB free
  • Monitoring without TEMP/UNDO tablespace after % usage
  • Parameter for restricting the tablespace sizes for the sensor
  • Separated monitoring of TEMP tablespace
  • Separated monitoring of UNDO Tablespace
  • ASM Diskgroup by % usage
Parameter monitoring
The parameter settings are not continuously evaluated and there are no errors in the application, so that the limits are reached.

  • Use of the session
  • Use of the processes
  • Use cached cursors
  • Use Open Cursor
In many cases it is monitored whether a backup was successful or not. But if a backup doesn't run at all because it was deactivated in a maintenance window, then it doesn't have an error either. We have therefore scheduled the monitoring to ensure that a backup was also made within a certain period of time. The period in which a backup must be carried out can be set using parameters.

  • Last backup control file
  • Last backup archive logs
  • Backup of all data files

All functions of the "PRTG Oracle Monitoring Query"
are only possible in connection with the "DB Plugin"!

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