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PRTG Database Monitoring Plugin

PRTG DB Plugin extends the monitoring capability of PRTG for many Database types, removing current limitations and obstacles

When shall you use PRTG DB Plugin?

- You have Database systems you want to have under control
- You use SAP Hana or IBM DB2 that are not support by PRTG natively
- You prefer simple monitoring query management
- You don’t know exactly what you shall monitor on DBMS
- You want to monitor business related data
- You want to have dynamic channel creation without limitation


The PRTG DB-Pluginoffers access to the key performance indicators of databases to make sure admins understand the status of their database performance at any given time, tune their databases based on the received insights, and detect any database anomaly before users get affected. Collect your business related data and statistics, use PRTG maps, dashboards or our SLA Plugin to visualize data directly out of your databases. Monitor database attributes that are critical to your business operations and visualize them directly in PRTG.

DBA Relevant:

Database CPU utilization, Database Memory utilization, Connection Statistics, Buffer Cache details, Database Resource pools, Wait Statistics, Index Usage, Query Performance, Backup Control, Lock statistics and much more.

Business Relevant:

Sales Statistics, Production Statistics, Summaries, averages, projections, Branch effectiveness and any data you have in any database.


PRTG DB Plugingives you complete freedom in querying your database system. Take advantage of predefined DBMS monitoring templates. Get inspired by experienced DBAs in what and how to monitor.

- Access any data from MSSQL, SAP Hana, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP MaxDB and more to come
- Use existing templates and queries created by experienced DBAs
- Create your own queries and share with others
- No channel limitations, dynamic channel creation, parametrization of your queries
- All availability, performance and business-related data in one place
- Bring your PRTG to a next levell

How it works?

Das PRTG DB Plugin is an application developed by CORP-IT in .NET environment, which creates a communication bridge between PRTG Network Monitor and your Database Management System. It gives you the possibility to choose from existing queries or build your own monitoring queries, which will be executed with every scanning interval against your database engine.

The PRTG Database Plugin has an easy to use graphical user interface, in which you can create the only 2 entities which allows you to create a successfully monitoring sensor in PRTG:

Profil– the profile will hold connection details of your Database Management System
Abfrage– will hold all details of the query which needs to be executed.

Choose your package

Depending on the PRTG license used, you can choose between three packages.

PRTG 500 Package

from €180 Year
  DB Plugin für PRTG 500 license
  Money-back guarantee
  Helpdesk 5x8

  10% discount

PRTG 1000Package

from €290 Year
  DB Plugin für PRTG 1000 license
  Money-back guarantee
  Helpdesk 5x8

  10% discount

PRTG 2500Package

from €490 Year
  DB Plugin für PRTG 2500 license
  Money-back guarantee
  Helpdesk 5x8

  10% discount

PRTG 5000Package

from €790 Year
  DB Plugin für PRTG 5000 license
  Money-back guarantee
  Helpdesk 5x8

  10% discount

PRTG XL1Package

from €990 Year
  DB Plugin für PRTG XL1 license
  Money-back guarantee
  Helpdesk 5x8

  10% discount

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